Oh, Well hello there...


Dear picketing Verizon employees: Screw you.

I know it’s not all of you, but your DELIBERATE sabotage of Verizon’s networks are causing me, my family, and countless other households across the east coast to suffer unreliable or NO internet, phone, and television service.

I’m on the web at 3G speed from tethering my cellphone, thank you very much. I’m ever so glad that you find the clauses of your contract more important than thousands of families. You have such noble hearts, and I sure am supporting you.

Screw You. I personally might not have a significant reliance on stable net connection, but I can’t say how many people do. We can consider my sister, who has to log on from home to update her lesson plans for her high school english classes. Maybe think about a grassroots web-stores, such as Dealer on Etsy who rely on internet service to receive commissions. Think about ANY  person who works from home, or attends Internet college classes.

Yeah, you’re not just screwing Verizon, you’re screwing the everyman. You claim that Verizon’s proposals will greatly impact your daily life. Yes, you are correct. Only… if you don’t give a damn about me or the thousands of others who can’t use a service they NEED and paid for, why should we give a damn about you?

And while I’m at it, screw you too, Verizon. I’m only online through tethering right now by using a 3rd party app, not from your store, that you didn’t want on the market. I guess providing an incredibly useful feature that your smartphones are completely capable of is too inconvenient for you. Pull your head out of your money-hoarding asses and get shit solved, otherwise previously loyal customers are going to start finding alternatives for the stable and fast connections they rely on. Especially if this might last for WEEKS.

I guess that’s what the picketers want, so congratulations guys, you made your point at the expense of completely uninvolved, average families.